How To Make Your Luge

Tempering Your Ice

Before you cut into your ice block, it is important to let it temper.  Sudden changes in temperature can cause the ice to crack.  To prevent this, allow your ice to sit out at the temperature it is going to be carved at.  Don’t worry about it melting, the blocks are so solid that even at room temperature you can 6-8 hours or more for most carvings.  You also want to let it temper before you use it for any drinks if you carve it in advance and store it in a freezer.

Tool Safety

Before you start carving, there are some basic safety tips

Always keep 2 hands on the tool at all times.  These tools are more aggressive than most people are used to and can easily get away from you and hurt you if you do not have a good grip.  In the case of the Die Grinder, the bit spins up to 30 times faster than on a drill, and unlike a drill, an end mill can cut sideways not just up and down

Wear foot protection, preferably steel toed shoes or boots.  Large ice chunks can easily fall and crush your foot

Safety glasses are recommended, however, slush can build up on the safety glasses.  Before cleaning them off, make sure your tools has stopped

Carving Your Luge


Drilling holes for lubes and funnels
Creating a sled luge
Creating A booze Luge Creating A Bottle Holder

Detailing Your Luge

Below are a few ways you can use to detail your luges and make them truly your own!