Types Of Luges

Basic Booze Luge

The booze Luge is one of the most basic luges.  It is a type of surface luge, which is a luge the the drinks are poured and run down over the outside of the luge.  It is very easy to both make and move around, and you can get two of them out of a single block.  They also require the few tools to make.  They typically have 2 tracks on the top.  Since the drink touches the ice, surface luges do chill your drink

Funnel and Tube Luge

Funnel and Tube luges are more advanced.  Being an interior luge, they require you to drill through the luge.  You then add a tube with a funnel on it and run it through the hole.  The tube protects the ice so that is does not wear away as fast as a surface luge track can.  They require a few extra tools to make, but look great when used with colored drinks, since you can see them inside the ice.   Your drinks will not be chilled like a surface luge since the tube insulates the drink.  We recommend that you pre-chill any drinks you plan on running through the luge

Sled Luge

Very similar to a Booze Luge, they are also the easiest to make.  However they require a slanted surface to be placed on as shown in the picture.  They are simply a block with 2 tracks for your drinks.  They can weigh nearly 300lbs.  Making the actual luge takes the least amount of tools since you do not need to cut the block, only make the tracks.  You do need to make sure the surface you place the luge on can handle the wait.  Like the booze luge, this luge will chill your drinks